5 Helpful Online Educational Tools

Without a doubt, the Internet is a perfect educational tool. And that doesn’t concern the educational resources for writing research papers only.

There are many online tools that can be used in the classroom to improve the effectiveness of studying.

  1. Well-known program for online voice and video communication enables teachers to communicate directly with people of applicable professions or even other classrooms all over the world. Just imagine the perspectives of studying foreign languages with help of native speaking counterparts.
  2. TheNounProject proposes a clip art for every known noun. Teachers and people who want to use the clip art for personal use or classroom display can use a free Playground account. With its help it is possible to make unlimited downloads of public domain icons.   This tool can be really helpful for teachers of 3rd grade or below.
  3. Aurasma is able to transform any object into a QR code – and it doesn’t matter what object you chose, it can be a building, an animal or your lunch. With help of this tool the classic scavenger hunt game becomes more advanced and interesting to kids. With help of the app it is possible to encourage students to find the balance between reality and virtual reality.
  4. TED-ED is a well-known sources of educational and inspirational lectures. The short topics on different subjects are informative and interesting to children.
  5. Online Typing Tutors. There are many services that propose hosted sites for teachers and students only, some kind of place that only a class and a teacher can access. There teachers can use helpful features to keep track of the success of the students, assign lessons or create plans for lessons. Also there are tools that help to improve typing skills of students as this skill is essential for fast accomplishment of writing assignments.