Create a Group

Groups are a great way to share with your colleagues, students, parents, or anyone with which you have similar interests or connections.

Creating a group is a simple two step process, and you can create as many as you want. They can be public – where anyone can join, or private – where others can only join if you allow them to. All activity that takes place in a private group (conversations, posting images, comments, etc.) can only be seen by group members.

Below are a few examples of how groups can be used:


  • Create a private group for your classroom. Only allow access to your students and their parents.
  • Create another, public group for your classroom. For this group you can allow anyone to join, opening your classroom for participation by other students, parents, etc.
  • Create private groups to discuss teaching methods or professional issues, allowing only like minded teachers to join.

  • Involved parents can create groups to impart advice or help students with subjects in your area of expertise.
  • Create groups to connect with other parents.


  • Create groups to discuss extra-curricular activities.
  • Create groups to focus specific subjects homework,¬†online college paper writers, research.
  • Create a group to help research an upcoming assignments.

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