Share an Image your camera full of pictures from your recent field trip or class event? Do you have an overhead that you want to share with students beyond your class? Maybe you want to share pictures of your classroom with other teachers.

Being a powerful channel for studying, the Internet also presents special services that offer to complete a paper for the student. And although there are no legal aspects that could stop students from using such services it is important to keep in mind that there are companies that do not guarantee quality or anti-plagiarism, which leads to repetitive copying of papers written by other students. In this case it can cause difficulties as the student is to break the copyright law.

You can share images with your private groups, find writer for college essay, your public groups, or all of Classroomn.

Use an image as a conversation starter. When you upload an image, other users can comment, sparking new discussions. Or just upload them for your students and their parents to enjoy.