Efficient Social Media Tools for Studying

Nowadays social media has a great influence on the way people share information. It is hard to find a student who has no account in the social media, however, instructors sometimes face unwillingness of students to incorporate common social media tools in the educational process.

For example, Seth Dixon an assistant professor of geography, states that it is much better to use Twitter optionally, because otherwise it look like you are snooping in the students’ Twitter.

1) VoiceThread is a tool for uploading and sharing images, video and documents and it is possible to discuss the media online through audio, video or text comments. Alexandra Pickett, director of the Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence started using this tool in 2006 and states that it gives a wide range of possibilities to communicate with help of different media. And students also receive a possibility to choose how to interact with learning activity or how to present themselves. It is user-friendly and intuitive tool and it is more engaging visually.

2) Diigo is a social bookmarking tool that bookmarks and tags webpages and saves them in the account in the cloud. Pickett’s students use Diigo to bookmark websites used in order to support their research. As a result, all current and former students have an access to constantly growing library of resources on online teaching and other discipline-specific resources.

3) Scoop.it is a convenient and multifunctional publishing tool. With its help it is possible to search for topic-related Web-resources, post them on the account page with a notation and then publish collected content to a blog. This tool helps teachers to use up-to-date resources that can be shared with students.

4) Instagram is a social tool for sharing photos and videos. Sarah Smith-Robbins from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University uses Instagram with her students to snap and share photos with certain marketing strategies.

5) Pinterest is a bookmarking tool that can serve as perfect visual source and a curation tool as it pulls together sources and comment pins.