How Can Online Teaching Improve Your Classroom?

Researchers state that online teaching courses have positive impact on teaching. Let us figure out why.

Online instruction of teachers can result in the development of skills that will be really helpful in the traditional classroom. On the one hand, universities offer traditional training for new hires and Graduate Teaching Assistants, however, none of them offer just online course instruction, though it has several advantages:

  1. Better organization, planning and creation of the strategy. You will have to organize the online class in such a way that it will encourage your students to get better results. Consistency of updates of course materials and modules as well as giving the assignments due dates will keep the whole class organized. The course has to meet educational goals, be understandable for students and be clear.
  2. Organize course materials in such a way that all materials are easily accessible. For example, you can add hyperlinks next to reading sources in order to give a possibility to find the material or to find out where to go researching next.
  3. Do not be afraid to use technologies. Of course, all materials and resources can be used in traditional classrooms. Any teacher will duly appreciate the advantages of discussion forums, drop-boxes and online resources for assignments.
  4. Despite the fact that there are no face to face interactions in online classes, student interaction always will take place. And it is a responsibility of teacher to build a community, give a way to students to introduce themselves and know each other. For example, it is possible to make work groups and assign some tasks that require collaboration.
  5. Give a possibility to get feedback and make advise to students as it is really important for them.

With help of planning and organizing the process of online teaching you develop your own teaching strategy. And afterwards all these skills can be used in traditional classroom.