How to Engage Social Media in Classroom?

No one can underestimate the role of social media of todays’ students so teachers take an advantage of it and use it as an educational tool. As a result, teachers simplify the engagement of students into the material and also create online communities of students.

Here are workable ways of applying social media in the educational workflow:

  1. Students are encouraged to share their work with others

For example, students have to evaluate each other’s work – in such a way students are connected and their online community develops and deepens. Perfect example of this approach is MOOC on Coursera created by Anna Divinsky. This open online course involved more than 58,000 students and they were free to use different platforms to share their work: Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and others. Essential point here is to allow students to share their work on the site they want.

  1. Use Twitter for guest speaker discussions

As almost a quarter of students nowadays use Twitter as a source of news, teachers offer to use hashtags to improve the quality of guest speakers discussions. This approach would be especially workable in case of large attendance as students have a possibility to raise important questions online. Practical plus here is that students do not interrupt speakers. And a bonus: people who dont participate in discussion in classroom, still are able to ask questions to the speaker.

  1. Students’ blogging

Teachers today assign students to keep blogs: that deepens knowledge of the subject as students have to read articles on daily basis, polishes writing skills and students learn how to use sources, hyperlinks and image embeds.

  1. Use Google Hangouts

Remote and online teaching requires direct communication with students and Google Hangouts is a great way to do so.

  1. Create digital classroom on Edmodo

Edmodo is a godsend to teachers of online courses as it helps to create a social classroom where teacher can post assignments, upload messages and images to students and give immediate feedback.